Listen to the new podcast featuring conversations with three FCA artists and past winners of the FCA On The Edge Exhibition on how going beyond boundaries helps them grow and the value they find in entering juried exhibitions.

We’re continuing to explore the final stages of the creative process with artists Steve Chmilar and Blythe Scott, and artist consultant Pennylane Shen.

Our journey through the creative cycle continues and we’ve arrived at the last steps. So what do we do with the art we’ve made? In this visual podcast, we explore how our guests found their artistic voices, learned to get comfortable with self-promotion, and more. We're speaking with Janna Yotte, Jean Paul Langlois, Nicholas Tay, and Pennylane Shen

Listen as 3 artists reveal refreshing takes on the universal frustrations artists experience and why they’re necessary for our growth. Practice adds power to our creating by toning our creative muscles and exercising our vision around what we want to put out into the world. This episode features conversations with Mandy Boursicot, Zoe Is, and James Harry.

Continuing our exploration of the Creative Cycle. After, Re-imagining and Experimentation, what’s the next step? Practice, practice, practice!

In this visual podcast, we get to hear from four artists on what the idea of practice means to their creative endeavours and what it looks like in their studios. Featuring Mandy Boursicot, Amy J Dyck, Eric Louie, and David Tabatabaei.

With our focus on Re-Imagining and Experimentation this January, we want to know how different artists approach and set their creative pursuits in motion, and deal with their inner critic along the way. We speak with Danielle Krysa, Sandrine Pellisier, Thompson Brennan, Jane Kenyon, and Shawn Hunt to ask them about their processes for dealing with self-doubt and their inner critic, and their steps to get started with the next project or experimentations with something entirely new. 

In this episode we are exploring the different ways artists are realizing their creative endeavours. It can be hard to make art your living but these art leaders are making it happen. During these evolving times, the pursuit of creative endeavours, professional and recreational, can enrich our lives. When we produce something fresh and unique through any form of art, it offers a sense of self-worth and purpose. Now more than ever we should reflect on our next creative moves.

In the second instalment of Opus Creative Lives, we hear from Leah Pipe, Roy Henry Vickers and Michelle Stoney, all participants in the creation of the mural The Return, located in Old Hazelton, BC in the heart of Gitxsan territory. They share a vision of the artist’s role in healing and moving societies forward, navigating obstacles from social crisis through to pandemic, with stories of the past and hopes for the future.

North Vancouver artist Ross Penhall is always looking for a fresh perspective to capture. Take a listen to our podcast interview where Penhall discusses his fascination with light and shadow and the way landscapes lead the eye.

Creative Lives Podcast (artwork by Ross Penhall)


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